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Hello Friends,

I Nilkanth Pawan welcome you to this blog. I am an android Apps Developer and also upload videos about Android Apps on YouTube I also do Blogging for you so that you can help you to make any application and you can have a mobile application at work time. You can upload it on the play store.

In this blog, you will get to see in this blog about how to make mobile applications from the android studio and what kind of code we use. And if you want to make Android apps on your own, you can copy the code from this blog and insert it into your project.

In this blog, you have been shown the code as well as the image so that where you have to add in your project and given with complete details and in this, the code has been uploaded with the topic wise and complete package so that you can get a You can create complete apps and you can also become a means of earning your money by uploading it on play store.

My Story

I am the son of a poor farmer and I belong to a small village still, I and my family do farming and to make a little more income I write a blog because I lived in Hyderabad for 5 years to make android application And let me tell you one thing that today whatever I have learned to make Android application, I have learned all that from Google and YouTube. I used to think earlier that one has to do tuition to create an Android application, but no, if you have a passion for learning, then you can learn to make Android apps online too.

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